January 2017

CES2017 : Ultra-thin camera developed
Compound eyes for industry and smartphone


Imagevideo FacetVision technology

November 2016

New article from facetvision in the LaserFocusWolrd Magazin
Novel Cameras: Ultrathin mobile cameras with facet optics are maturing

March 2015

The second International Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection (MIPS 2015)
24 - 26 March 2015 / Jena / Germany

September 2014

New article from facetvision on the SPIE Newsroom:
"Optical performance analysis of plenoptic camera systems"

June 2013

Hugo Geiger Prize 2013 for ultra-thin microscope

René Berlich was awarded this year's Hugo Geiger Prize for outstanding research within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. He is recognized for the result of his master thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering. He developed an integrated illumination module for ultra compact fluorescent microscopes and at the same time he was able to increase the resolution of these microscopes. The principle of the ultra thin microscope is inspired by a natural antetype, the eyes of certain insects and spiders. Compared to conventional fluorescence microscopes with only one lens, the ultra-thin microscope has a much larger field of view and allows the parallel readout of a large number of samples without scanning. The parallel investigation of hundreds of specimens also saves time and money and is a crucial step towards the automation of biomedical laboratory tests.

May 2013


facetvision at LASER 2013

May 13–16 | Munich | hall B2 | stand 421
More Information...

November 2012

The first international Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection
from November 27 - 29 was a success.

An increasing number of innovative optical systems using microoptics as enabling technology are currently going to market. This field is very competitive in areas like automotive industries but especially in consumer applications. Optoelectronics, microoptics and microelectronics are merging. More than 100 scientists and experts from different institutions discussed the possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration to raise new synergetic effects in the field of microoptical imaging and projection.

October 2012

VISION 2012 - International Trade Fair for Machine Vision
Multi-aperture and fascinating camera in hall 1, stand G 42

September 2012

Twenty20 - Partnership for Innovation
Facetvision and Fraunhofer IOF have submitted an application for the economic development program "Twenty20 - Partnership for Innovation". As a part of the consortium "3D Sensation" facetvision will develop three-dimensional recording and playback devices. Potential applications are spatial recognition of surroundings used by autonomous driving, 3D-gesture recognition for human-machine-interaction, 3D-scenes and peoplmedia/bilder/News/3D-Reihe.jpge recognition for novel security and mobility concepts. Further applications can be the spatial recognition of 3D-shapes for highly-automated production processes and the plenoptic camera.


July 2012

"International Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection"
to be held at Beutenberg Campus in Jena / Germany from November 27 to November 29, 2012.

June 2012

The Fraunhofer IOF were awarded "Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2012"

May 2012

"A Revolution in Images"
The German news magazine "Der Spiegel" published recently a special feature on the latest developments in photography technology. The Facetvision technology made by the Fraunhofer Institute in Jena was particularly highlighted.

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